Moor Mother x LCO – Tusk Festival

Event Date: Saturday 12 October 2019 - 
Address: Sage Gateshead

“If only all large-scale trans-Atlantic collaborations were this simple to initiate. We spotted a tweet by Moor Mother saying she’d love to work with an orchestra, started a conversation with Camae (Moor Mother) Ayewa and her agent, made contact with London Contemporary Orchestra and here we are. Not quite that breezy to actually develop the project of course and a whole lot of work has been going on at LCO’s studios in London and via cables under the ocean to Philadelphia to make this first-time collaboration dream come true. Moor Mother is of course the Afro-futurist rapper and poet who effortlessly merges the painfully social-realist with the eerily surreal and has an immediacy of delivery rarely matched. LCO have probably soundtracked half the films you’ve watched in the last few years – anything by Paul Thomas Anderson, You Were Never Really Here, collaborations with Jonny Greenwood, Actress, Chaines, Terry Riley, Stochhausen and more.”

“Initial meetings set Camae on the course of investigating the British slave industry as a core theme of the project – something the pavements we all walk are built on but that we rarely acknowledge. The two parties have such impressive discographies separately and dove into this project with such enthusiasm that we can’t help but expect the first few rows of Hall One to leave this performance with singed eyebrows and melted glasses at the very least.”

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