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Jonny Greenwood & LCO Soloists – Open’er Festival, Poland

Friday 3 July 2015

“Tiring of dumb dance thrills? Then embrace Open’er’s cerebral side. In the Tent Stage on Friday Jonny Greenwood recruits the London Contemporary Orchestra to perform his experimental modern classical pieces.This generally involves the Radiohead guitarist fondling a sitar or piano while the LCO try to saw their instruments in half with their bows. At its calmest ‘Application 45 Version 1’ resembles Snow White in a k hole, and at its wildest ’88: Sketch’ is essentially a woman punching a piano keyboard like she’s just lost it in a bitter divorce. Baffled? Just wait until St Vincent performs prostrate on a hospital couch, repeatedly mimes cutting her own throat and has what appear to be very melodic stomach cramps during her enthralling Saturday show.” NME


Jonny Greenwood Miniature
Edmund Finnis Brother
Jonny Greenwood Application 45 Version 1
(‘The Master’)
Messiaen Vocalise-Étude
Jonny Greenwood Future Markets
(‘There Will Be Blood’)
Jonny Greenwood Prospectors Arrive
(‘There Will Be Blood’)
Jonny Greenwood 88: Sketch*
Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood
(‘There Will Be Blood’)
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint
Jonny Greenwood Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers
Jonny Greenwood Loop


Jonny Greenwood (electric guitar / ondes Martenot / tanpura)
Daniel Pioro (violin)
Galya Bisengalieva (violin)
Robert Ames (viola)
Ian Anderson (viola)
Brian O’Kane (cello)
Clare O’Connell (cello)
Dave Brown (double bass)
*Gwenaëlle Rouger (piano)
Hugh Brunt (conductor)
Erik Nyström (sound designer)
Graeme Stewart (sound engineer)