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Terry Riley’s In C – Barbican

Saturday 24 September 2016

“The London Contemporary Orchestra (with Riley on piano and Gyan on guitar) came armed with bassoon, double bass, chamber organ, a drummer, two percussionists and three vocalists, with each musician using instinct to guide them forward. 

Small flourishes — a bow on a metal spiral, a hand up the side of a tambourine — overlapped; moments of transcendence came and went. The climax, a wild variation in volume, saw the piece finish abruptly. Leaving, for the briefest of moments before the ovation, a real sensation of peace.” The Evening Standard.


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“..thrilling moments of gear-change as individual instruments broke through to the surface, disrupting the established groove and setting in motion a new phase. And with chiaroscuro supplied by Dave Brown’s earthy double bass and Joel Garthwaite’s keening soprano saxophone, the LCO’s spread of instrumental timbres ultimately magnified the piece’s kaleidoscopic effect and its formidable, hard-won climax.” The Guardian.

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