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Ron Arad’s Curtain Call – Roundhouse

Monday 5 September 2016

The arrangement, delivered in parts and complemented with a curtain full of flickering layers of the female form, is both commanding and sullen. While its trill strings, tensely ascending microtones and sensual imagery align the eroticism evoked in ‘Under the Skin’, this is not its hallmark. The phrases played by each member seemingly chase one another and at times respond sporadically and unknowingly.

With an audience that’s permitted the freedom to move through, within and outside the designer’s un-worldly depths, a new closeness is fostered. Witnessing Levi’s piece begin – transitioning from dancing string trills to sombre cello-led phrases – is captivating in itself, but the spectacle becomes all the more human with a grazing audience that comes and goes as it pleases.Hyponik

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