Sarah Davachi with London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists, Cafe OTO

Event Date: Sunday 17 March 2019 - 7.30pm
Address: Cafe OTO, Dalston, London

“In Davachi’s music, I hear a negotiation between human instigation and letting be. Sometimes I catch little traces of melodic patterns, as she sends synthesisers through little zig-zagging motifs that rise out of the drones and return to them. At other points, she simply allows the instrument to play itself, leaving harmonics and timbral inconsistency to form shapes of their own accord. Prolonged synthesiser tones falter gently, creating undulations in texture like chips and dents on an old antique; drones curdle together to form overtones that flicker and dance above the central hums.” – ATTN:Magazine

Tickets: £18 advance; £14 members

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