RY X and London Contemporary Orchestra

Event Date: Friday 12 October 2018 - 8.00pm
Address: Barbican Hall

Singer-songwriter and producer RY X performs new versions of his soulful songs with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Spurred along by lyrics of isolation, solidarity and humanness, RY X’s searching vocals are here buoyed by the strings of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Built into something even more encompassing, it’s as if his fragile songs, built on acoustic guitar, piano and electronics were waiting for these orchestral arrangements.

From Australia to LA, RY’s life in music has taken him across continents and genres. When he wasn’t sweating in warehouse clubs in the small hours, he was producing Electronic music as part of Howling and The Acid; and, when he wasn’t experimenting with synthesisers and drum machines, he was writing fragile, reverb-drenched songs for his tape-recorded debut EP, Berlin. Released in 2013, he soon found his two-minute tearjerkers on mainstream radio alongside some of the world’s biggest Pop hits, yet it’s his sincere and deeply human songwriting that really sets him aside.