Jonny Greenwood and LCO Soloists: Wapping

Event Date: Sunday 23 February 2014 - 
Address: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station
Upper room
Jonny Greenwood Prospector’s Quartet (There Will Be Blood)
Purcell Fantasia a 3 in G minor, Z. 734
Edmund Finnis Sister

Lower room
Jonny Greenwood Reiko (Norwegian Wood)
Jonny Greenwood Miniature (new material)
Edmund Finnis Brother
Jonny Greenwood Fight with Cudgels (new material)
Xenakis Kottos
Jonny Greenwood Prospectors Arrive (There Will Be Blood)
Parsons In Nomine III a 5
Jonny Greenwood Application 45 Version 1 (The Master)
Messiaen Vocalise-Étude
Jonny Greenwood Microtonal Sketches (new material)
Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood (There Will Be Blood)
Jonny Greenwood Mata Aini Kuru Kara Ne (Norwegian Wood)
J.S. Bach Cello Suite. 5 in D minor: III Courante
Jonny Greenwood Future Markets (There Will Be Blood)
Jonny Greenwood Loop (new material)
Jonny Greenwood Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers (new material)

Jonny Greenwood (electric guitar / ondes Martenot / tanpura)
Daniel Pioro (violin)
Galya Bisengalieva (violin)
Robert Ames (viola)
Charlotte Bonneton (viola)
Oliver Coates (cello)
Jonathan Byers (cello)
Dave Brown (double bass)
Antoine Françoise (piano)
Hugh Brunt (conductor)
Erik Nyström (sound designer)

LCO would like to thank:

Baxter & Bailey
Maxim Bendall
Viviana Bianchini
Grace Cole
Bryce Edge
Faber Music
Edmund Finnis
Timothy Greaves
Jonny Greenwood
Amy Hinds
Joe Hyames
Shin Katan
Rosanna Lowton
Point Source
Emma Reynolds
Harry Ross
UK Real Estate Ltd.
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