Jonny Greenwood and LCO Soloists: Moscow

Event Date: Thursday 15 October 2015 - 8pm
Address: YOTASPACE, Moscow, Russia

Jonny Greenwood

Jonny Greenwood Future Markets (‘There Will Be Blood’)
Jonny Greenwood Prospectors Arrive (‘There Will Be Blood’)
Messiaen Vocalise-Étude
Gerald Barry Triorchic Blues*
Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood (‘There Will Be Blood’)
Jonny Greenwood Miniature
Mica Levi Love (‘Under The Skin’)^
Jonny Greenwood Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint
Jonny Greenwood Application 45 Version 1 (‘The Master’)
Jonny Greenwood 88: Sketch**
Jonny Greenwood Sweetness of Freddie (‘The Master’)
Ysaÿe Sonata No. 2: I. Obsession^^
Jonny Greenwood Fight with Cudgels
Jonny Greenwood Loop
Jonny Greenwood Future Markets (‘There Will Be Blood’)
Jonny Greenwood Microtonal Shaker
Jonny Greenwood Loop

Jonny Greenwood (electric guitar / ondes Martenot / tanpura)
Daniel Pioro (violin)*
Galya Bisengalieva (violin)^^
Robert Ames (viola)
Ian Anderson (viola)
Oliver Coates (cello)^
Brian O’Kane (cello)
Dave Brown (double bass)
Katherine Tinker (piano)**
Hugh Brunt (conductor)
Graeme Stewart (sound designer)

[Photo: Hugh Brunt]