Actress & London Contemporary Orchestra

Event Date: Saturday 26 May 2018 - 7.30pm
Address: Barbican Hall

+ Duval Timothy, Silvia Kastel and Toxe

Hazy Electronica goes orchestral as Actress and the LCO present the latest iteration of their ever-evolving collaboration, ahead of a new album released on Ninja Tune.

Texture has always been one of the primary concerns of Actress (aka Darren Cunningham), his music melding peculiar samples with decayed dancefloor sounds to create abstract, R&B concrète. In the LCO he finds an ensemble that matches his curiosity for finding new, unusual sounds – a plastic shopping bag becomes a snare drum, while a piano prepared with Blu Tack is transformed into a live sampler. Taking the helm on drum machine and laptop, Actress integrates with the LCO to become one instrument – the orchestra reimagined as a groovebox.

Complementing the performance is a programme of like-minded musical adventurers curated by Actress. Multi-disciplinary artist Duval Timothy opens the evening with his impressionistic piano compositions, before a performance from Silvia Kastel, whose music blends sound art, noise and dance music. After the show, Swedish producer Toxe will make a debut live appearance on the ClubStage with a set of jittery house rhythms, hip-hop beats and muscular pop.