Event Date: Saturday 15 January 2022 - 18:00
Address: Barbican Hall
Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

But this is by no means taxing, for the audience at least. Relax into an ambient, meditative experience as visuals by projection artist László Zsolt Bordos kaleidoscopically draw you into a state of deep reflection.

Featuring iconic durational works by composers such as Morton Feldman’s six-hour piece String Quartet No 2 taking the audience through the depths of the night as well as new pieces performed by electronic musicians Actress, Powell, and KMRU, plus works by John Cage, Éliane Radigue, Mica Levi, Alvin Lucier, Morton Feldman, Michael Gordon, and James Tenney.

Audience members are encouraged to come and go as they please during the 24 hour period, stay for one, two, or 24 hours