Friday 27 September 2013

Micachu joins Imagined Occasions line-up


We are pleased to announce that Micachu will join us at Oval Space next Thursday for the final Imagined Occasions instalment. Buy ticket online here.

Full running order and timings:

 Seismagramme I-II
Vinko Globokar ?Corporel
Vivier Variation I
George Benjamin Three Miniatures for Solo Violin
Harvey Ricercare una Melodia
Alastair Putt Madrugada (world premiere, LCO commission)

Thomas Adès Catch
Varèse Octandre

Robert Ames (conductor)

Micachu aftershow DJ set

Sunday 18 August 2013

LCO collaborate with Vivienne Westwood for Stockhausen’s ‘KLANG’ at the Roundhouse

LCO is pleased to be collaborating with Vivienne Westwood for this Thursday’s performance of Stockhausen’s KLANG at the Roundhouse. Vivienne Westwood will dress both the male and female players in a series of ‘white’ ensembles from her Gold and MAN Label collections. “The looks will evoke a feeling of past, present and future to draw the audience further into a time-scape.”

With a design record spanning over forty years, Vivienne Westwood, the designer and iconic British brand is recognised as one of the most influential fashion designers in the world today. At times thought provoking and always avant-garde, the Vivienne Westwood brand is more than about producing clothes and accessories – its three dimensional culture also captures the imagination, raising awareness and generating positive action. Westwood’s innovation and timelessness is something she shares with Stockhausen.

“Great Art is timeless, it’s a vision we can share at any time. It touches something essential in human nature, a common reference ground for our imagination and aesthetic sense.” – Vivienne Westwood

LCO’s Imagined Occasions series presents three site-responsive performances in association with production and design team Helen Scarlett O’Neill and Harry Ross. The series seeks to engage its audience in a subtle participatory narrative, in which the audience are observers, creators, protagonists and the observed.

The performance will take place within Timepiece, a specially commissioned, large-scale light installation by leading British artist Conrad Shawcross, created in response to the Roundhouse’s iconic Main Space that will be on show for the month of August as part of the Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse. The programming of KLANG in response to Timepiece has in turn led Shawcross to synchronise the movements of the installation with the four musical ‘hours’.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

Photo: Mike Massaro

Thursday 15 August 2013

LCO team up with Sennheiser for second instalment of 'Imagined Occasions'

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LCO’s Imagined Occasions series continues next Thursday with a special collaboration with Sennheiser.

The performance will begin on Primrose Hill at sunset with a performance of Vivier’s Zipangu for 13 solo strings. Sennheiser will provide LSP 500 PRO wireless loudspeakers for the amplification of the work (a two-speaker set-up is specified by the composer). Audience members will then wear Sennheiser HD 218i headphones for a sound-walk from Primrose Hill to the Roundhouse for Stockhausen’s KLANG – Die 24 Stunden des Tages. The walk will be accompanied by the world premiere of Edmund Finnis’ electronic score Colour Field Painting, commissioned by the LCO.

“The headphones feature closed, supra-aural acoustics that effectively screen out surrounding noise so anyone can experience excellent bass-driven stereo sound. The headphones feature a smart in-line remote control with microphone and are extremely comfortable to wear with large cushioned ear pads that are individually adjustable for a secure and easy fit. Retailing at £59.99, audience members will be able to take the HD 218i home with them after the performance to enjoy full sound and dynamic bass reproduction wherever they go. HD 218i are fully compatible with latest generations of iPod, iPhone and the iPad.”

Edmund describes Colour Field Painting as “a musical clearing between two spaces… a shared listening experience, at once intimate and communal. […] closely related spectra vibrate against each other, sustained frequencies overlap, gently surging and fusing in duet with the evening hum of the city.”

Tickets have sold out for the Primrose Hill part of the evening, but please keep an eye on our Twitter page for any last-minute return announcements. There are still tickets available for KLANG at the Roundhouse, part of Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse – Conrad Shawcross ‘Timepiece 2013’. Click here to buy tickets.

For press enquiries, please contact:

Rebecca Driver Media Relations
020 7448 5336

Twitter: @LCOrchestra @Sennheiser_UK #ImaginedOccasions

Friday 26 April 2013

Edmund Finnis appointed LCO’s new Composer-in-Association

We are pleased to announce Edmund Finnis as the LCO’s new Composer-in-Association. Edmund has written music for the London Symphony Orchestra, Spitalfields Music and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, amongst others. He studied with Julian Anderson and Rozalie Hirs, and worked as an amanuensis for the late Jonathan Harvey. In November 2012, Edmund was named as a recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists.

Edmund’s first work for the LCO will form part of the second Imagined Occasions performance, taking place at Primrose Hill and the Roundhouse on Thursday 22 August.

Thursday 25 April 2013

LCO's Imagined Occasions Series

Friday 24 May – Aldwych Underground
Thursday 22 August – Primrose Hill / Roundhouse
Thursday 3 October – Oval Space

LCO’s Imagined Occasions Series presents three site-responsive, immersive performances focusing on the music of Claude Vivier (1948–1983). The series seeks to engage the audience in a participatory narrative, in which the audience are observers, creators, protagonists and the observed.

The series begins in the abandoned Aldwych Underground station in May with a performance of Vivier’s Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele (‘Do You Believe in the Immortality of the Soul?’), his last, unfinished work: a dramatised monologue in which Vivier describes a journey on the Paris Metro during which he becomes attracted to a young man. The programme also features works by Jonathan Harvey, Cage, Philippe Manoury, Feldman, a new commission from Gregor Riddell, and a screening of the Brothers Quay’s collaboration with Stockhausen, In Absentia.

August’s performance at the Roundhouse continues with Stockhausen and a number of works from his epic KLANG – Die 24 Stunden des Tages (‘Sound – The 24 Hours of the Day’), a cycle of compositions each representing one hour of the day. The evening will be prefaced with a performance on Primrose Hill at sunset of Vivier’s Zipangu, referencing the island that Kubla Khan sought to conquer, and to which the composer represented “the symbol of immeasurable wealth, lying just out of reach”. A sound-walk from Primrose Hill to the Roundhouse will be accompanied by an electro-acoustic score from Edmund Finnis.

The concluding programme takes place at Oval Space in October with performances in the venue itself and outside in the surrounding derelict structures. The concert includes the final world premiere in the series, from Alastair Putt, alongside works by Varèse, George Benjamin, Thomas Adès and Pousseur, as well as a new film commissioned to accompany Vivier’s Variation I for electronics.

Click here for more information and to book tickets.

Twitter: #ImaginedOccasions

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